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Gomery report: Tracey Madigan’s Online Diary

CBC, 1er novembre 2005

Yvan Cliche describes himself as resigned, angry and even bitter.

The Montreal businessman is surprisingly sober when he talks about the Gomery report, because he is actually emotional about the whole affair.

Cliche is resigned to the political and financial corruption he has seen in the federal government because he has travelled extensively lately, and has remarked that Canada gets off pretty easy when it comes to dishonesty in office.

He is angry enough that he was prompted to write to his MP for the first time ever. In fact, he wrote to MP Marlene Jennings twice.

But he’s still bitter. Why? Because he says the Liberals will likely get away with this. The Gomery report likely won’t stop the Liberals from winning a healthy number of seats in the next federal election.

« They most certainly don’t have my vote, but I bet you Ontarians, despite their complaining about the Liberals, will vote for them in large numbers. I can’t figure that out, » he says in French.

Yet Cliche, not unlike Murphy at Chez Magnan, believes Jean Chr�tien was not acting in bad faith. Well, not really. You see, the message Chr�tien gave to his troops was: Save Canada at any cost. And the message was heard.

Especially the « at any cost » part.

Here’s how Cliche sees it: hand out a task without setting limits, and something is bound to spin out of control.

Cliche’s only hope is that Gomery’s second report will offer guidelines on how to prevent this degree of dishonesty in the future.

After all, he says, « rules are there to keep human nature in check. »