Democratic countries have a new friend: Tunisia

New York Times, October 23, 2011

From 2007 and up until August of this year, myself and my family have been living in Tunisia. We have witnessed the Tunisian Revolution, and the chaos and turmoil following the departure of dictator Zine Ben Ali. From our first day in Tunis, we noticed how stagnant the country was, suffocating under a men, his family and his clique trying to control everything, and taking undue advantages of their position to enrich themselves. With the successfull elections hold on 23 October, Tunisia has opened new avenues for itself, and notably its youth. It has honored the hundreds of people who have died for this Revolution. We dearly hope the Tunisian people will blossom economically, that the new country emerging today will provide the jobs needed for the youth, and become a model for other Arab countries in the long route toward dignity.

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